The advantages of working in the hospitality sector Part 1


Here is a brief overview of the benefits of working in this industry and why it is also a difficult place to work. Firstly, a large range of functions available in this industry is significant. The main role that most people are aware of are things like Pub and Restaurant managers, receptionists, chefs, catering managers, Restaurant staff and various assistant roles. You can specialize in areas that interest you most. For example, anyone who becomes a chef is very likely to be very passionate about food, baking and cooking. For many Chefs truly love what they do and are grateful to be working in an industry they love. A Chef has the opportunity to bring their passion and new ideas to life and see the results.

Another advantage of the hospitality sector is that there are plenty of entry level positions available. This junior role, candidates with relevant experience that is important to a career in the industry. Some of these functions are working as restaurant assistants, junior chefs, receptionists, bar staff and hotel catering. These roles offer the possibility to progress in management if you work hard and show that you have the necessary skills and experience to take more responsibility. Moreover, if you decide to try a new role is an excellent transferable skills that can be used across several different job roles in the hospitality industry.

A slight disadvantage of working in the hospitality industry is that there is intense competition for more senior roles. You need to establish a positive reputation within the industry and put in a lot of work to get the respect and experience needed to take on senior roles.

Employees working in this industry will also have to be willing to work fairly long hours in some roles to prove himself. For example Chefs and restaurant managers have to work long and sometimes unsociable hours.

Another advantage of working in the hospitality sector is that jobs are available throughout the country and they are not area specific. Obviously there is a huge amount of attractive jobs available in London, but there are hotels, restaurants and pubs all over the country. Therefore, unless your work in the hospitality industry in London then you will not have to move to get the job you want.


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