Managing the restaurant – Turn challenges into opportunities


The day-to-day management of the restaurant you will encounter many challenges. While some general issues that will be unique to your company, other general problems and are faced with in the industry all. To succeed you need to look at ways to turn every problem into new opportunities. Let’s look at four examples.


It is a fact that the restaurant trade has busy periods typical mealtimes where you will be rushed off your feet and quiet times like mid-afternoon when the tables are all empty. To increase your chances of success in this business you should look at ways to get diners in off-peak periods. One solution is to offer a special menu for these quiet times with discounts, smaller meal sizes and free items like coffee. Another way is to promote the organization as being a great place for brunch or afternoon tea.


When the weather is too hot or too cold restaurants often take reduction Diners. Creative restaurant owners will come up with promotions that tie in with the weather. In some hotter American restaurants offer discounts when the weather reaches a certain temperature and the extra discount of 1% for each degree by that point. Some people prefer to promote certain menu items that appeal to customers in warm or cool weather.

Maximizing Seating Space

If you are a challenge because of the limited floor space but still want to maximize the number of seats that you will undoubtedly have tables in areas that are not so desirable as close to the bathroom, near the entrance or near the kitchen. Rather than risk one of your customers who have a bad experience at one of these tables you can offer people sitting at the tables free items from the menu or some other type of special agreement. Soon you will have people asking to sit at the worst tables, leaving the best tablets available for other more discerning guests.

Selling the Menu Item

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant table and had the waiter or waitress tell you that certain menu items have sold out? It can be enough to make some customers walk out or do not want to go back. If this happens, to apologize to the diner and take some time to mark your other menu items that are available. Thank them for their patience and offer them a certificate for a menu item that they wanted for free next time.

You will encounter many problems as you start up and run a restaurant. Look for ways to make these lemons into lemonade and put your business on the path to success.


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