How is the restaurant fairing in Today’s Economy?


Despite the economy, the restaurant seems to be fairing well, thank you very much. That is if you have a fast food restaurant. Sales of the larger, fast food restaurant chains up to about 8% larger restaurants are down the same amount. It is an independent restaurants that seem to be suffering the most, according to Nations Restaurant News.

They report that approximately 5204 independent restaurants closed in 2009. With that in mind, the 5.204 independent restaurant closings not unusual every year.

restaurant is unlike any other company on earth. A large number of people, but to have the restaurant is the way to go. The truth is own restaurant may be one of the most difficult ways to go.

If open restaurant business has crossed your mind, raise your hand. Ah, I see a lot of hands going up out there. It seems simple; you rent a house, buy furniture, buy food, hire a few employees and you’re in business.

All that is true, but the restaurant business is a little more complicated than that.

Consider the following:

The restaurant, rent should not exceed 5% of monthly sales. Without restaurant experience, you can only guess and hope. It may very well be one reason why 5.204 independent company restaurant closed last year. When you buy equipment you will be city requirements that you must meet in order to even get open. For example, you will pass a fire inspection, health, city codes, state codes, which include the number of seats and parking allowed. The list goes on and on.

When you buy food order, you may have to pay the money and then you can order too much or too little, because you have no experience to draw from.

When you hire a crew it is important for you to understand how to train, treat and encourage them. The restaurant employees are an important part of finding success

This is the best way for me to explain the perfect employee to you :.

A great restaurant worker is someone you know well. Anyone can sell food, but it’s hard to find someone who loves to sell food. You know, I mean, they have asked you before. Do you remember how you felt like they were on you and do you remember how you felt the next time you went to the same restaurant and they were not there?

Keep in mind, anyone hired, trained and motivated this perfect employee. This type of employee does not just fall off the truck, as you know. They are hard to find, but if your restaurant does not have a few of them, you may be in deep trouble.

My friends, the restaurant is just that it is a business. To find real success in this, you will have the experience. Treat restaurant with respect, get proper training and then you will have a fighting chance.


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