Facts About the restaurant industry


One very important fact about the restaurant industry, is the fact that you absolutely need to maintain a consistent portion control. Ingredients are purchased in weight, count and volume. You need to calculate the cost of all the ingredients in the recipe. Total costs and replace it with food costs you want to charge for a menu. This way you will have a price for the menu for this item.

In the restaurant industry, you have to count all the ingredients. For example, cheese burger with tomato, lettuce and mustard on wheat bun with a small bag of potato chips has a total cost of $ 2.10. If you want to get a 30% food cost for this post, you need to replace $ 2.10 30% (.30), which will provide a menu price of $ 7

Try to keep the food cost between 22 and 34%. If the food cost is 22%, it will mean that you will spend 22 cents of every dollar for food. This would leave you 88% of every dollar to cover labor and other costs.

If you want to use Factoring method, you can multiply the cost of raw materials of the three. This will only give you the cost of the menu and does not include other costs.

When you use margin pricing formula is profits minus the cost of goods sold divided by sales. For example, a margin of 33: 1 means that for every dollar sales, you have 33 cents to cover other expenses. This is best for the calculation of fat with a high component costs in the industry.

The Prime Cost method works by adding the cost of labor and the cost of food, then add a percentage for profit. This method is good in the restaurant industry for dishes that require a lot of preparation.

competitive price matches what other restaurants charge for the same product, with what you charge. Compare prices by studying the menus, and the prices were not much higher or lower than what others are charging.

restaurant industry looks combination pricing method that uses all methods- factors, margin, prime cost and competition. They try to keep the balance of competition to the cost and what you need to do.

ChefTec Software will allow you to customize reports and print inventory reports, recipes, make up the reserve list and identify the recipe and menu costs half.

PC-Food II is filed and poor management systems for use in all food service establishments. You can calculate and keep food costs down and keep track of the sales price based on the margin you want. You can create and display reports, export files. You can use the programmed recipes, or add your own recipes to your list and photograph them when you want them. This and much more is available in this software.

You will find plenty of restaurant software on the internet.


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