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Restaurant Business Plan – Focus on Financials


The Financial Analysis part of the hospitality program consists of pro forma (projected) financial statements for the company. Before creating these statements, consideration shall be paid to the three basic concepts:


Probably the most relevant part of Financial Analysis section, a statement of how much capital the restaurant will have to start the project. The trouble is that too conservative of a projection will leave you with an investment amount that is either unattainable or too large (creating excessive interest), but overly conservative projection will leave you vulnerable to running out of funds during start-up activities.

In assessing the cost of capital expenditure, it is best to err on the high side. The attempt to create a comprehensive list of all capital expenditures that your restaurant will need even before it opens its doors. Go beyond the brick and mortar of the place and decoration, furniture, tabletop items, trays, and kitchen equipment. There are also software – restaurants generally use a POS (point of sale) software and software online, such transfer, credit card processing, and accounting. A rule-of-thumb is to include any single purchase is expected to serve at the restaurant for years. Build a buffer for unforeseen expenses, such as running out of money at this stage and try to secure another source of funding can be detrimental to the launch and long-term company.

operating costs and revenues

Operating primarily cogs (cost of goods sold) and labor costs for the restaurant. These costs can be determined accurately by surprise action begins because they aggregate the sum of how much it costs to produce the food you’re cooking and how much you have to pay staff. The problem, however, arises when media traffic to your restaurant will see the day to day and the average purchase per customer. Try to be as realistic as possible and take into account the type of customer you are trying to attract, what geographic area you are working in, and foot-traffic institution expected.

Cash Flow

The cash flow is the most important statement for operating the restaurant opens. When payments need to be made and the projection of future revenue transactions are key to generate reliable plans. While it may be necessary for other industries, restaurants often create unofficial worksheet tasks and monitors weekly movements of cash. This is primarily because the restaurants have many moving parts such as payroll, sales tax and delivery of products that can create fluctuations from week to week. For example, to reach the lowest price from suppliers, you can try to buy in larger quantities, which can put a strain on cash during the week as this large purchases fall, although they might represent equipment that will serve for weeks or months . Thus, the cash buffer is very useful to be protected from contraction for even a profitable restaurant.


Catering Trends


What is “in” in the World of Catering?

In a world where history repeats itself, everything old is brand new again, and fashion today is old tomorrow, how do we really hold up? Well, this is the difference in the catering industry and the restaurant industry. The restaurant industry can be without any changes and caterers could not. Caterers will always have the flair and style while doing it on a grand scale. In this article, we are going to see the latest developments in the world catering to the crave Catering seen.

To begin with, the vision of the customer is always the top consideration for any caterer. Often times, they are given certain parameters to follow and implement their plans. This is why the possibility of any caterer are endless. But what is really new and exciting in the catering industry? What should you look forward to the upcoming event? Read on and know what should excite you.

1. Food

Everything old is brand new again because classic familiar meat is making a big comeback! In fact, a very popular way to present these classic courses through delectable menu with several small courses to give leaner, cleaner look, paired with wines suitable for the course. Also gone and pulled off the table, they are mini-mini desserts and bite-sized champagne. Ethnic foods such as Dim Sum and East Indian are becoming more and more traditional, shifting from the merger of creation and are gradually incorporating itself nicely with trendy theme cate rings. Also on the rise in the catering industry are mixed cultural wedding, request a combination of two types of cuisine that features elements of two cultures with spectacular effect. Crave Catering Melbourne has catered many such events and find the excitement created by the menu is half the fun.

2. Beverages

live Martini – it simply refuses to die! In fact, it even reinvented itself with different materials, such as champagne, Saki, flavored vodkas, and much more. The mini-bottle of champagne sipped with a straw is decided yet, and the customers are still consume better wines paired with their food. It seems that customers want less, as reflected in the choice of beers today, such as Becks, Stella Artois, Corona, Heineken and Sol. Do not ever forget irresistible summer blender drinks, that will always be in style! Crave Catering has some feeling new drink available on the website (see below).

3. Presentation and Decor

If the pictures are worth a thousand words, the promotional value of all especially for caterers. You can have the most delicious food in the world; However, if it is not presented with style and flair, the appeal can be lost in no time. With these assumptions, all event you planned for a long time hinges. Developments in the presentation and decor is really veering sharply toward the lean, clean look. Forget the old days many draped linens! As a matter of fact, more and more events beginning to linen-free. See photo gallery of our website. So to recap – Events these days are getting back to the old and the main avenues with cleaner presentation, bigger taste of small plates, high-quality wines to compliment the food, ambient lighting and clean decor lines to enhance the entire event experience


Supply Chain Management in the food industry


In this modern world with an abundance of technology and the Internet, every company will have to cope up with the fast paced development to be able to survive the competition. The food industry is no exception to this. Effective supply chain management is a very important and critical to this industry because the food is spoiled.

Large companies in the food industry such as Nestle, Unilever, Magnolia, among others utilize efficient SCM. They take advantage of the Internet to reach out to their end-user customers to be able to get feedback and improve the quality of their products. Satisfaction or customer dissatisfaction can directly related to the performance of the supply chain of the company. Each company changes their internal structure to celebrate eMarketplace where everything can be done by using modern technology. Suppliers, wholesalers and distributors can easily track here.

Why some companies lost a lot of money and even went bankrupt when the food industry is one of the most profitable industries. They eat constantly so there is no reason why the industry would lose its market. This is due to the ineffective and incompetent SCM.

SCM is not only the management of the flow of goods or services from producers until it reaches, but it is a bilateral management of the flow of goods or services and information. The company is solely responsible for the goods or services provided as it will be the brand that the consumer will remember.

A consumer does not know which suppliers of milk for its cheese or make him care who delivers it to the store where he would buy it; what matters to him is that he gets his cheese in the store when he needs it.

A consumer products company more profitable if it has the right product at the right time and the right place. Achieving these three happens only when the entire supply chain acts as one.


Pros and Cons open a restaurant franchise


When I talk about running a franchise business, most people automatically assume that I’m talking restaurant franchises. It is because most franchises in the food industry are effective and then increasing popularity. You will be hard pressed to find independent restaurants at all anymore because the performance of the credit.

The best part is that despite the growing number of food franchises, buying a restaurant franchise is still one of the few close to a guarantee of opportunity in the world of business today. It is true that there are a number of difficult issues that come with own restaurant franchise, but it is true with any business. Here are both sides have food franchise show both advantages and disadvantages of


  • Built-in demand – For years upon years, people have been hardwired to grab something to eat at the franchise food chain when they are hungry and abroad. This is a big advantage for any start-up company. It is the year of marketing already done for you. The only thing you need to consider the future of the product and it will be a demand for it in the local geographic area.
  • funding – You can choose a number of different stores to find financing. When it comes to finding funding for food business operations, the process is very easy and not as complicated. The reason is because banks usually know what is involved with opening a restaurant and feel more comfortable accepting loans. The high income because some of the food franchises not hurt either.
  • track record of success – Since the typical food franchise has many franchise, it is easy to determine how well or not they are. You can see if they have a record of success as well as where and what the demographics are the most successful. With this type of information available, you can make a well informed decision before making an investment.
  • Prestige – depending on who you talk to, people often think that all restaurant owners are people of high society also bring a touch of glamor. There are a lot of franchise owners who encounter the restaurant for this reason alone.


  • Labor – I’m sure you’ve noticed that most food companies need a lot of employees to function properly well with the majority of the employees to be low-paid. As a result, the labor force in unreliable employees with high turnover. Find and retain qualified employees is a major challenge for food franchise.
  • Low margin – The food industry is very price sensitive, more so in the world of fast food chains. This leaves a very fine line to walk with the cost of goods and labor and profit. It is true that food franchises often see high income and net margin are often overlooked. You are also susceptible to food spoilage and theft and other issues can only be found in the food industry.
  • Animals initial investment – A food franchise will require significant investment from you to start. You have to pay for many items up front to run a business. Not only do you have to pay for food and work but also ovens, grease disposal, ceiling, furniture and maintenance for many other expenses.


Success Factors How to open a restaurant business and be profitable


The success of any business is often determined by the foundation and it was when it first opened. This is a golden rule that encourages people who want to open a restaurant. They know that they may not be happy with just open food establishment. They must know how to open a restaurant the best in terms of long-term productivity and sustainability. Moderate restaurant owners want to do away with any concept of making and idea generation involved in opening a restaurant.

They are driven by their dreams massive profits so much to the extent that it would be impossible for them to achieve these dreams because they lack the necessary business starts rise to their restaurant. This is what you want to avoid. Advice on how to open a restaurant on the best and most efficient way, all you have to do is keep reading.

Most of the time, the most successful business assessment franchises of the pioneers of the organization. Simply put, these are the “branches” of the original first restaurant opened years back. It does cost a lot to open a franchise, but do not complain or discouraged, because the franchise had been granted to you, you will have everything you need to know about opening a restaurant. From the terms of the menu and the pricing mechanism, and even payroll policy for your staff, will all be covered by the pioneer company. The company knows how to open a restaurant and maintaining long term.

However, if you want to know how to open a restaurant without spending much money, then you can start by thinking about the theme for your restaurant is not yet available on the market. This may be a little daunting there have been so many types of food establishments already created. However, if you have a unique idea, you can start it. Next, all the licenses and permits required to operate a business. After recruiting qualified staff. Once everything is set to go, there is nothing you have to do but to actually open a restaurant. Best of luck!


Use Free Restaurant Forms and resources to manage the restaurant while you sleep


Restaurant management should run as smooth as fine song wind up clock with notches each gear fitting each other and turning right together. When one gear slows down, the others will not go as fast or as smooth as they were before. Finally, the machine breaks down and needs to be fixed.

Unlike the machine, however, the restaurant business is not easily fixed if it fails. To avoid this scenario happens, not just rely on restaurant management skills. Search helps professionals to guide you in areas of business mentors do not teach you about. Experience, after all, is the best kind of education.

websites such as, and, providing updated news and articles related to the restaurant. They provide short-term training courses in food handling and protection, employee management, customer service, and general management issues, such as legal processes involved in opening your own restaurant business. They also keep their members updated with industry-related news and special events network for restaurant owners.

Aside from the availability of help from experts and other entrepreneurs, restaurateurs can also take advantage of free online content, such as restaurant form (ie kitchen prep sheets, our schedules and order forms), restaurant template (including ie. business planning, sales and financial template). All this restaurant forms, templates and schedules follow standards.

If you want to take advantage of what technology has to offer, then you can tap into videos, podcasts, PDFs and webinars to learn more about the restaurant. Restaurant owners can sign up for one of the online courses to take the restaurant business online.

Other sources online, such as discussions and food blogs, also provide fresh and useful information into business. Restaurant owners and managers can also take advantage of their readership, consisting of other restaurateurs and entrepreneurs. Build a business networking events, trade shows and the Internet can help you grow your restaurant business.


Restaurant Ambiance


According to CBS News, 42 percent of Americans eat dinner outside their homes and want American food more than any other site. This tells us that there are still a hefty number of Americans who pay off food and forget about home cooked dinner.

On top of the reason why they go for diners is the comfort of just fondling with food immediately without having to worry about the after care. People have become Lazier every day, and instant spared from daily activities seem to be very good entertainment. While it’s true that the best steaks are still homemade, some restaurants down the road may serve you equally tasty T-bone without the mess all wearing preparations.

Another reason why people fly restaurants is the environment that most restaurants exude. Part of the total bill goes to the maintenance of these fixtures comprising high financing its opening. Restaurants pay much attention to furniture detail to ensure that customers get the best service in any way. This part of the overall customer satisfaction provides luxury restaurants greatest edge of the curious diners. Simple furniture board down the lobby can give the customer great pleasure.

Service from the restaurant people to send a huge part of all pleasure back. One of the most memorable experiences of a restaurant customer is how waiters and the rest of the restaurant staff treated them. This has been a long determinant of customer satisfaction and still proves to be a tough one. Dining gave holistic satisfaction to customers from sitting still stand attracted a lot of appreciation from customers and assure them repeat business. Good business expected repeat business and so on and so forth. According to marketing research, word of mouth; that is, simple feedbacks from satisfied customers, remains to be the most powerful advertising. It details the actual encounter a particular product and how the product became the answer to your needs customer right there and then.

Undeniably fine dining our days pay much to get the best furniture for the satisfaction of their customers. While they will not taste any way as furniture, but feel good every luncheon or dinner is more than enough reason to get the best ones. They add the much coveted finalize the already pleasant experience. And this is exactly what a pleasant experience is all about.


The benefits of working in the Fast Food Industry


Yes, I’ve worked in fast food when I was way younger and let’s just say … it’s the next best thing to slavery. No, I’m joking, but there are many things that you can really learn when you work in the fast food industry and they help you discover things about people, companies, and even life itself. I think everyone should work behind the fast food counter at least once in their lives.

So, this is what paid peanuts feel like

Oh … this is what it’s like to work from scratch. I do not think it is a fact that is so one visible only in this country because the general’s fast food restaurants known to employ part-time students or drop out of school, hence, low wages, but frankly, it is priceless (pardon the pun) experience that you will then know what it is like to stand there all day and earn barely enough allowance for two meals.

I am absolutely send my children to work at a fast food restaurant.


Work fast food teaches you about teamwork, cooperation, teamwork, teamwork. If someone behind the kitchen not defrost chicken fast enough or someone stupidly forget to warm up gravy, everyone suffers. In fact, you come to work and you will feel less responsible for your co-workers about the things they could forget. If one person is too busy, but others may need to chip in.

Working in such an environment will help you learn to be responsible as a whole, not just as a man. One person breaks up, get it. This experience will help you to learn to work in just about any environment in the future, whether it is a big IT company or when you’re running your own clothing retail outlet.

Managing people

Nothing teaches this better than being behind the counter … it is against the Treasurer or complaints against. Managers need to learn how to motivate and organize projects and people based on their ability and commitment of the cashiers to smile and be pleasant to the worst moments … like by her boyfriend just dumped them. Got dumped? There are customers to serve, serve.

And of course it does not help in those moments of anger and irrational customer walks up to the counter and you know that they are dead wrong and yet they insist on being right and society requires that they are.

speed of light

When it comes to fast food, people are impatient and you need to keep up to speed … as only all the time. Need I say more?

So, yes … work in the fast food industry has certain benefits.


Good Customer Service for your restaurant is good business practice


It is impossible to run a successful restaurant without excellent customer service. The best restaurants in the world have risen to the top of the industry by providing its customers with excellent food, elegant and trendy environment and most importantly, amazing customer service.

There is a well documented fact that if a guest has a positive experience in the restaurant they want to say between 40% and 60% of the people they meet on the experience. However, the visitor has a negative experience will say almost 95% of the people they meet and will usually describe the event in more detail. There is no simple way to calculate how much revenue is actually lost by the bad, “word-of-mouth” advertising, but it costs an average of 35% more money to attract new customers to the restaurant but it makes to attract previous guests.

Although food quality and hygiene of the restaurant are both very important to visitors, the level of service provided has the strongest impact on the perception of visitors whether they have had a positive or negative experience.

Most will return to the facility that provides mediocre food and great service, but will rarely return to a restaurant that provides mediocre service and good food.

visitors experience starts outside the restaurant with the look of the facility. A clean and well-lit parking lot with clear signs will signal the Restaurante who takes pride in their establishment.

Customer Experience on the front door with how the engine or hostess welcomes them to the restaurant. Instead of forcing visitors to speak first, welcoming and hospitable hosts will welcome guests at the restaurant with a smile and pleasant greeting.

From an attentive and charming server maintains a hospitable climate and start promoting menu and restaurant concept. Good server can provide suggestions, explain the content menu and ultimately influence the decisions of their guest.

Up-selling is a simple technique to sell more products or increase the value of items purchased. Good servers can provide visitors with a unique experience and increase check 20 -. 30%

When it has been received, it is time for the server to become project manager. The timing of the arrival of appetizers, drinks and meals can be a major juggling act, but is essential to good visitor experience.

Sometimes things do not go as planned and there may be delays and mistakes that will affect the guest’s meals or drinks. Ensure that the visitor is fully informed of the progress of their food is the best way to smooth any ‘wrinkles’ and prevent growing.

It is just as important to make a positive impact when the visitor is on their way out of the restaurant and it was headed Each team member be trained to wish each guest a good night and thank them for coming on restaurant .. It gives a very powerful sensory appreciation and welcome when 10 people wish you a good evening as you head for the door.

One of the more well-known, but rarely practiced elements of exceptional guest service team services. Team Service suggests that “the role of each person in the restaurant is to ensure that every guest has a great experience.” In practice, each server has a ‘part’ but is responsible for maintaining the level of service throughout the restaurant. Essentially, instead of having one server, each tablet is a service to the whole team.

The ultimate goal of any restaurant is to provide good food in a creative environment, carried out with sincerity through excellent service. The more a customer service program ‘expected’ needs of its guests, the better positioned it is to deliver an exceptional experience every time. By consistently providing excellent customer service, restaurant virtually guarantees your success.

In a changing and constantly evolving industry, one constant remains. The superior level of service you provide your guests, the more likely it is that they, someone they know will keep coming back.


Coopetition in the restaurant industry


Have you heard the term Coopetition? If not, you’ll hear it soon. It is causing a stir in marketing circles.

So if you are not familiar with the term, let’s start by defining coopetition. If we check the Wikipedia, we find the following definition:

“Coopetition or Co-opetition is a neologism coined to describe cooperative competition Co-opetition occurs when companies work together to half their business where they do not count. They have competitive advantage, and where they believe they can share common costs. For example, cooperation between Peugeot and Toyota of common components for the new city car in Europe in 2005. In this case, the company will save money on overhead costs, while remaining fiercely competitive in other areas. co-opetition to work, companies need to very clearly define where they are working together, and where they are to compete. “

long-term business success comes not only from competing successfully against other restaurants, but also by working with them to your advantage.

Coopetition is part of the competition as part of cooperation. When restaurants work together, they can create a much larger and more valuable market they ever could by working alone. Restaurants can then compete with each other to determine who takes the greatest part of the greater number of potential customers.

A good example of coopetition between restaurants is when it is part of a city or town that has several restaurants concentrated in a relatively small area. If you look at this area from traditional business point of view, open food establishment looks like a bad idea.

Why would anyone open a restaurant in an area already full of restaurants?

The fact is that a lot of places to eat attracts customers who may visit the area without a specific restaurant in mind, and make their decision when they arrive.

This is where the competition begins.

Typically, the restaurants with the best environment or the most attractive in the menu or the best quality / price, which are filled with the most people, usually bring in the most customers …

There are many typical examples of coopetition such as:

o Food court: All restaurants are set in places like shopping malls – share tables, parking, cleaning services, etc. Customers are brought in the same place (cooperation), and then they compete for their business (Competition)

o Ads: .. Sometimes restaurants work to put together a food magazine or similar publication, as they each contribute ( both in cash and in content) publication

o special events food: Sometimes several restaurants organize food events where they promote food showcase their products at the food stalls. Because of the involvement of many restaurants –and good marketing -. A lot of people attend this event (it is usually the music part and often many other activities as well)

o etc.

As you can see, these are some of the possibilities to coopetition. However, there are some other intriguing ideas for you to consider. Here you have a few to think about:

o Cross-promotion with restaurants that offer a different assessment than yours. Often menu not compete directly with other restaurants. If you’re in the mood for Italian food, for example, she will not go to an Indian restaurant for dinner or vice versa.

Maybe you can join the restaurants in your area who have different styles of cuisine, and together create a coupon book you can distribute regular customers participating restaurants. Or maybe you could create a discount card that customers can use in any restaurants in your area. This will attract more customers to your neighborhood.

o Cross-promotion with restaurants that offer the same kind of food than you, but are not located near your place.

Again, usually prefer to go to restaurants that are near their homes or workplaces. If it is a French restaurant nearby and they are in the mood for French cuisine, they will not usually travel far on another French restaurant … except the French restaurant is so superior that it is worth the trip – and this is where competition kicks in .

what can you cross-promote? Well, if you have an ethnic restaurant you could create a newsletter sharing printing and distribution costs perhaps similar restaurants and distribute it to customers of all restaurants participating. The newsletter should include articles about food, culture, geography, etc. country restaurant.

But what if your restaurant is an all-American place? Provide unique information for your area. You can still have questions about specific countries, some local recipes, etc.

o join forces to negotiate better deals for linens, food and beverage, menu printing menus etc. Imagine that you talk to the owners of the nearby restaurants and you make an agreement to use the same distributors for common things like linens, candles, dishwasher maintenance and supplies, garbage and / or fat disposal, exhaust filters, printed menus, etc. You can then ask for a volume discount from distributors and everyone will enjoy.

These are just some quick examples of coopetition. To join hands with your competitors might be a win-win proposition. Just be smart about it and think about areas where you both can benefit.

Can you think of other areas to coopetition? I would love to know. Please visit my website and let me know.

Blessed Co-opetition!