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As a restaurant management recruiter I am constantly bombarded with back all day, every day, on weekends and holidays. It’s amazing how many great managers out there can run a profitable restaurant operation inside and out, but they have no idea what to write when it comes time to shop for their next opportunity.

In the restaurant industry isn ‘t about where you went to school, what degree you have or what you want to do on your days off. Plain and simple is the best way to get an interview on the field. You need to understand that hiring managers who review new see more resumes than I every day. We are talking about the mid hundreds depending on how they have their needs and job hiring goals presented to the public. Many times a resume is passed over because it is not user friendly or it is out of order chronologically. The worst thing I ever saw was a resume that stopped 2 years with no explanation. Go ahead and file that one in the round outbox on the floor.

Before we begin let me tell you if you are not using Microsoft Word you will probably never get another job. Compatibility is the key here and whether you like it or not Word is the king of word processing. Please do not try to reinvent the wheel with Word Perfect or something else obscure in the marketplace. When someone gets a file can not be opened with their existing software they take the path of least resistance and delete it. They will not and will contact you by email and you just lost a potential career opportunity. So step one is always use Word or you will regret it later.

The first thing a resume should have your name is in the middle of 14-point bold Arial font. Arial is easy on the eyes and it does not distort like some other fonts. Under that you want to address, and phone numbers of at least 10-point Arial. You do not have to address it and remember just because you have a cute or clever email address that your friends think is cool does not mean someone else will. And because of you, change the message on your phones to something clear and precise and welcome in the job arena. This is not the time to express yourself!

The second thing you need is an objective statement, which looks good in 12-point Arial. I would suggest keeping the text font the same for the rest of the new. This objective description should be clear and driven. Do not ramble not Triple sentences and think anyone will care, because they will not. For example, a nice statement about how you want to contribute to the bottom line profitability of a team with previous experience often works well. Throw in some upward growth potential and you are on the right track.

Next is an important part of it is experience. Starting from existing and return is the only way to go. All you need here is the company’s name, title and dates (from past when to present when). Do not worry about exact dates, but not months and years, obviously.

After that you need to briefly bullet statements regarding actions while in that position. This should be one-sentence statements that are clear to the reader. Do not tell them that you are a great manager because that is vague. Instead of telling me why I should hire you. For example, did you increase sales of two-year period or did you increase sales by 12% over a two year period using local store marketing and targeting repeat guest counts? Do you see the difference? One statement keeps you reading and one is cloudy vagueness. Take this and run with it on all other information, such as labor, food and controllable costs. All training and development of team members is also a very good example that you’re part of a team and you care about their success. Because of this you will also be good and it will help you to include my work in the main parties hourly team.

If you follow these guidelines you will probably need about 6 to 8 Bullet statements that should get you noticed. Repeat these steps for all previous positions as well until you have described the last 5-8 Years time frame for your career. No one cares about what you did 15 years ago in this area. They want to see the latest performance and some career.

As far as references goes I would consider them a waste of space. No one is going to ever list a reference from a bad experience and hiring managers know this. If you have a great looking new flows and is widely acceptable you will be getting a lot more calls from interested parties than those others who invest their time upfront.


Time Management in the restaurant industry


When I was originally planning to become a restaurant owner / operators 1. my restaurant, I was told that I could expect to work 70 hours a week. At the time I was working as a GM for the restaurant and on average 55 to 60 hours a week. To be young and single, I took these hours as part of the package. Shortly after I opened the restaurant, I was married and significant changes in life style would be. I needed them to consider the fact that if I wanted to raise a family, my time was now divided.

As is often the case, when we do something a priority, we can usually make it happen. I knew only one way to win in running a restaurant and was taking me a long time. That’s why I hired Time Management consultant who was working with Hewlett Packard middle and upper managers.

Below are some tips practices and he taught me not only involve having the quality of my time to raise a family but made me a more effective manager of the restaurant my :.

1) Most importantly, I learned to run restaurant operations system. Systems designed for consistent and repetitious performance of procedures work. Instead of having to personally direct all aspects of the business, I now had a system that ran the restaurant. I ran systems and rushed staff. Clear and proven operating systems are the key ingredient to successful franchises restaurant. Start up restaurants without franchise type system will pre-determine the 70 hour week for GM or owner operator.

2). Is it important or just pressing? How often today is GM pause to answer a call that could easily be returned at the designated time set by GM? How often is the salesman drop by to introduce themselves and their product, when they could easily be said to please call for an interview? What may be important to someone does not necessarily make it important. It may also be important but not urgent, and can be treated later on GM time moderation. Therefore, the choice of time the GM should be based on the determination that it is both urgent and important.

3). Prioritizing time “to do list” is useful as long as the priorities for its activities are flexible. No matter how well the restaurant manager is organized, there will always be times when his or her immediate attention will be needed.

. 4) To see activities the next day and try to plan for them can save a lot of wasted time. For example, it might be a good idea to plan activities for the paper work on the slowest day of the week rather than a busy weekend day.

5) A good way to organize yourself to be more productive with your time in a week to monitor the activities of your time spent on them and take a “waste of time”.

Time management in the first time independent restaurant start up is usually more trouble than it is for a restaurant chain with a proven franchise style operating system. Time management is more by proven franchise style operating system described in proven restaurant concept operations manuals.


B2B Techniques: Marketing Restaurant industry


High consumer demand has accelerated the growth of the restaurant industry. In the US alone, restaurants collected $ 475 billion, and forecasts say it’s going to be even better this year. As more and more people eat out regularly, demand for suppliers and service restaurant industry has also shot up

How to Market to Restaurants :.

Reach restaurant is the first step towards a successful marketing campaign. Trade shows, print media, television and direct mail are all methods you can use to market products and services to the restaurant industry

1) Trade shows .:

In exhibitions, you get to interact face to face with people associated with the restaurant industry, as well as showcase products and services to a large audience. Restaurateurs have the opportunity to see your products, use them and compare them to other products

2) Internet .:

Having a website or a related website is very important for those who want to catch the attention of restaurateurs. With the volume of Internet shopping going up by the day, many restaurants make online purchases

3) formatted message .:

Restaurateurs are bombarded with petitions from merchants and service providers every day. The campaign must be tailored to the requirements of a particular restaurant sector in order to attract their attention to trade. Your message will stand out of the clutter if it is unique

4) Value for Money .:

People in the restaurant looking for value-for-money, when they want to buy products or services. B2B part of the restaurant is something you should not neglect. Approach restaurateurs just when you think you have a useful service to offer, not just something that is part of a marketing ploy

5) Brand Trust .:

You need to build brand trust before you can sell the restaurant industry. You will have a good record of achievement when it comes to price, quality and delivery. In addition, follow up services are also important

Restaurant Industry: .. Areas of growth

Sellers can market their products related to the fastest growing area within the restaurant. These are:

1) Food: With health awareness pop up, has restaurants geared up to sell the best quality, most nutritious food to diners. Demand for Salads, bottled water and low-calorie products has shot up. Food from other countries and cultures has also worked as restaurants try to attract customers by providing new types of dishes.

2) décor: People do not choose a restaurant just serving food, the environment and services.

3) Energy :. With demand for energy shoot up, restaurants are keen to invest in energy-saving devices

demand for the latest products and services have made the restaurant industry lucrative market for service providers. As diners looking for more options for food, ambiance, service and amenities as take outs, demand for new products and services in the restaurant industry will keep growing. You can grab this opportunity to tell people in the restaurant how products and services can help them improve their bottom line.


Jobs in the restaurant industry


The next time you go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, take a look at the staff there. Well-groomed, polite and provide timely services, they are less in number, but each one has a distinctive work of his own. But there is more involved in the restaurant but they are visible. From chef to the manager, the restaurant industry would be nothing without these people.

With at least one-third of adults have worked in the restaurant for some part of their lives, the restaurant is said to be the largest private sector employer. According to some studies, food and catering sector is said to grow 12% each year, with an estimated 1.9 million jobs, of which 47,000 are management positions.

Formal Education

With most become masters in the restaurant industry through sheer experience, a valid certificate from a good school is an added advantage. Is the search for qualified personnel in the restaurant industry, and the benefits are considerably better for those with formal training.

One could opt for any job in marketing, human resources, food technology, customer relations or even business and financial management. There are courses offered by various institutions of hospitality management at every given areas, but one of the business arena could also fit with management skills. Length of courses varies from 2-4 years including specialization. Some colleges also offer hand-on experience, as well as vocational training. Besides this, some restaurants their own training services. In this way, learning workers around the clock and excel as time passes.

Major Job Options in the restaurant industry

hotel industry offers more work options in the administration and culinary services Hotel maintenance and marketing. Employees learn the business departments, such as the kitchen, banquet business, restaurants and bars. In addition to administrative and human resources functions, his superior also hiring new employees and monitor the effectiveness of current.

An individual could be introduced from the front office trainee to manager and also the manager of a few months, depending on the quality of work.

Next is cleaning department, which sometimes requires work at odd hours, and is ideal for those open to work under these conditions.

Coming to the most important part of the restaurant, a kitchen, one could work as a chef, management and viewing subordinate cooks or a food manager, monitor food and drink supplies of restaurant.

Like any other job, working in the hotel industry also requires dedication and motivation. Regardless of experience involved, this would apply whether you give or be given instructions. In modern times, thinking about customer has also changed. It is important for the hotel staff to be well groomed and practice good etiquette. People should keep themselves updated with the market trends and always exploring new ways to expand the business by offering better service

There is a famous saying in the industry “. You can train skills but you can not train personality” ; so let your personality do the talking for you. The friendly banter you may have always enjoyed would come in handy when you want to establish a connection with your customers. Finally, if you relish it and the restaurant industry is to appeal to you, enroll in a good course and get a good job in their own city or anywhere in the world.


Facts About the restaurant industry


One very important fact about the restaurant industry, is the fact that you absolutely need to maintain a consistent portion control. Ingredients are purchased in weight, count and volume. You need to calculate the cost of all the ingredients in the recipe. Total costs and replace it with food costs you want to charge for a menu. This way you will have a price for the menu for this item.

In the restaurant industry, you have to count all the ingredients. For example, cheese burger with tomato, lettuce and mustard on wheat bun with a small bag of potato chips has a total cost of $ 2.10. If you want to get a 30% food cost for this post, you need to replace $ 2.10 30% (.30), which will provide a menu price of $ 7

Try to keep the food cost between 22 and 34%. If the food cost is 22%, it will mean that you will spend 22 cents of every dollar for food. This would leave you 88% of every dollar to cover labor and other costs.

If you want to use Factoring method, you can multiply the cost of raw materials of the three. This will only give you the cost of the menu and does not include other costs.

When you use margin pricing formula is profits minus the cost of goods sold divided by sales. For example, a margin of 33: 1 means that for every dollar sales, you have 33 cents to cover other expenses. This is best for the calculation of fat with a high component costs in the industry.

The Prime Cost method works by adding the cost of labor and the cost of food, then add a percentage for profit. This method is good in the restaurant industry for dishes that require a lot of preparation.

competitive price matches what other restaurants charge for the same product, with what you charge. Compare prices by studying the menus, and the prices were not much higher or lower than what others are charging.

restaurant industry looks combination pricing method that uses all methods- factors, margin, prime cost and competition. They try to keep the balance of competition to the cost and what you need to do.

ChefTec Software will allow you to customize reports and print inventory reports, recipes, make up the reserve list and identify the recipe and menu costs half.

PC-Food II is filed and poor management systems for use in all food service establishments. You can calculate and keep food costs down and keep track of the sales price based on the margin you want. You can create and display reports, export files. You can use the programmed recipes, or add your own recipes to your list and photograph them when you want them. This and much more is available in this software.

You will find plenty of restaurant software on the internet.