Managing the restaurant – Turn challenges into opportunities


The day-to-day management of the restaurant you will encounter many challenges. While some general issues that will be unique to your company, other general problems and are faced with in the industry all. To succeed you need to look at ways to turn every problem into new opportunities. Let’s look at four examples.


It is a fact that the restaurant trade has busy periods typical mealtimes where you will be rushed off your feet and quiet times like mid-afternoon when the tables are all empty. To increase your chances of success in this business you should look at ways to get diners in off-peak periods. One solution is to offer a special menu for these quiet times with discounts, smaller meal sizes and free items like coffee. Another way is to promote the organization as being a great place for brunch or afternoon tea.


When the weather is too hot or too cold restaurants often take reduction Diners. Creative restaurant owners will come up with promotions that tie in with the weather. In some hotter American restaurants offer discounts when the weather reaches a certain temperature and the extra discount of 1% for each degree by that point. Some people prefer to promote certain menu items that appeal to customers in warm or cool weather.

Maximizing Seating Space

If you are a challenge because of the limited floor space but still want to maximize the number of seats that you will undoubtedly have tables in areas that are not so desirable as close to the bathroom, near the entrance or near the kitchen. Rather than risk one of your customers who have a bad experience at one of these tables you can offer people sitting at the tables free items from the menu or some other type of special agreement. Soon you will have people asking to sit at the worst tables, leaving the best tablets available for other more discerning guests.

Selling the Menu Item

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant table and had the waiter or waitress tell you that certain menu items have sold out? It can be enough to make some customers walk out or do not want to go back. If this happens, to apologize to the diner and take some time to mark your other menu items that are available. Thank them for their patience and offer them a certificate for a menu item that they wanted for free next time.

You will encounter many problems as you start up and run a restaurant. Look for ways to make these lemons into lemonade and put your business on the path to success.


Restaurant Success Factors – Questions to ask before opening a restaurant


When it comes to starting a restaurant, many entrepreneurs jump in and stop time and startup capital without giving due consideration to the idea. Like other business models, have a high failure rate restaurants and owners quickly realize that to be in the restaurant business is not as glamorous and fun as they imagined first.

It says, however, that the right type of people who make the right preparations, restaurants offer some excellent business opportunities. Many end thriving and enjoy the lifestyle that goes with, companies in this industry.

Before deciding to take the plunge and open a restaurant to take some time to consider the following restaurant success factors. This is presented as a series of questions to ask yourself whether you have what it takes to open and manage the restaurant business.

1) Need experience and qualifications?

It is still possible for someone with no formal education or experience to open a restaurant and be successful. However, you will increase your chances of success dramatically if you have had any formal training, experience or both. There are numerous cooking schools throughout the United States offering a variety of courses in various durations.

If you are able to get some experience working in a restaurant then this is also a great way to learn about how it is done and to get ideas to run your own business. Start making role and convince the owner to let you work a variety of roles so that you can understand the whole operation.

2) Do you have a General Business Management Skills?

with good money management skills will be useful when it comes to handling cash and budgeting for the cost. While not absolutely necessary, restaurant owners who understand all cash flow coming in and flowing out of their businesses are more likely to feel in control and turn a profit. Doing a course in Small Business Administration or accounting would be very useful if you do not have these skills already.

3) Do you have a creative talent?

Although you can count on the creative talents of others, such as chefs and interior paint it will be helpful if you are a creative person. You can then have a considerable input in creating a unique and workable concept restaurant, menu design and decoration dining among other things.

4) you may face longer working hours?

run restaurant company will have to spend a lot of time away from your family if you have one. When the kids are home from school in the afternoons and evenings, and it is likely that you will be working as most restaurant business model following these times (unless you focus on breakfast and lunch). Weekends are the busiest days of the week for most restaurants so it’s likely you will not see your family will be on Saturday and Sunday as well.

5) Do you have the full support of your family?

Obviously you need to have the support of a partner, at least in the early days until you are able to step back and managers run the application in a way that allows you to have a little vacation. And if you have to work with your partner then you must make sure that your relationship is strong before going into business together.

6) Do you have enough startup capital?

You have to make sure that you have access to the resources needed to get the business up and running as well as to cover operating costs in the beginning. You will also need money to live your personal costs over the first months of business life while you’re getting established and incomes are still low. Unexpected expenses will undoubtedly arise as well so make sure you do not get caught short.

7) Are People Person?

As a restaurant owner or manager you must connect well and communicate effectively with people.

With the staff you will have to show strong leadership skills and communicate clearly to them in order to maximize productivity and maintain good relations with them. Restaurant owners who have a strong personality and get to know many of their guests often become the face of the brand. Sometimes even the owner ends up being part of the attraction that draws customers to eat at certain restaurants. As a restaurant owner you should be ready to get out on the dining floor and mix with your patrons whenever possible. Be sure to do it in a way that does not interfere with their experience.

with your suppliers, city officials, inspectors and others you will also have the ability to interact with them in a way that allows you to get what you want and to build a strong relationship.

8) Are Hard-working and organized?

As a self-employed restaurant owner you must be motivated and disciplined if you are to get everything done and achieve your goals. Being organized is the key to managing your time and the time of your employees effectively

9) can be maintained Cool in a crisis?

In the daily operation of your restaurant is you want. encounter lots of small and big problems, especially in the early days. To keep things running smoothly you will be able to take control in a crisis situation, calm employees and offer fast, practical solutions that avoid focusing all out. As an owner and manager you will need to work on eliminating the problem so that they do not occur again.

There are many properties, characteristics and other characteristics of the ideal restaurant owner should have. To some extent this restaurant success factors can be acquired, learned or developed before opening the doors for business.

While you should always keep the financial rewards in mind when you start a restaurant business it is also important to have other reasons to go into this business. If you have a love for people, food and hospitality, there is nothing you can not pick up on the way to turn you into the perfect restaurant manager.


Restaurant Management – Tips to know Latter


The hospitality industry is one that continues to thrive even when the economy is going south. Many people rely on intelligence their managers in ensuring that they are able to not only control the losses, manage the crew, but also make sure that all aspects of the restaurant go not only well, but to be successful as well. Learning some strategies in management will enable you to not only continue, but see your organization thrive.

The first area that many restaurants have issues with loss are labor and food. Making sure you’re not paying too much for the stock, but also keep tabs on things like theft and common stock losses are key to the survival of your business. Keep your eyes open for waste and inventory control will help keep costs low, as you cut the losses of those areas. Balance your timing allows you to cut the cost of labor; make sure you have enough staff for those times when things are busy, but also that you are not overstaffed in lulls, as well. Being able to pay attention to the patterns in your own business, you must do this more effectively. Do not be afraid to pare down staff during slow times, as this is one way that many managers fall short and end up costing themselves much more than they need to be. Also pay attention to employees who may not be doing all they can to give the best customer experience- these are members of a team that can cost you customers and their creating another area of ​​loss.

Promotions are other areas where some restaurants find that they have trouble losing money and not bring in enough business to cover the cost. Using the Internet is an intelligent way to get the word out there cheaply and well. Social networking sites are booming bigger than ever these days and what deals you may have can be easily updated- this also has the added benefit of your company to be marked with a green business, as you are not wasting paper fliers that may end Littering the ground. It’s a great angle to play when promoting, and it should not be overlooked as a great business sense. Play “green advertising” also gets you into the development departments environmentally conscious minded people and really allows you to stand out among the other places that you can still make use of more expensive and less earth friendly way to advertise.

In short, care costs and ensure that you are monitoring developments in customer traffic and timing accordingly as to keep abreast of your inventory can definitely make a world of difference in cutting costs in your restaurant. Stay afloat in these tough economic times by managing a restaurant in clever and innovative way, but also prevent the loss.


Customer Convenience is Driving Force For Restaurant Locations


One of the main teachings of the company is to have the right location. Anyone have any knowledge of the market is well aware of the mantra – location, location, location. When it comes to restaurants this issue is even more important. In fact it is so important to the ultimate success of the restaurant, it is recommended that this hope in the initial planning. Not only is the success hinged on where you have the restaurant, the location also affect the way the restaurant is run. In the heart of the decision is also the convenience and comfort of the restaurant will serve.

Important Factors in Choosing a Restaurant Location

There are probably many factors that come into play when planning to come to the restaurant. One of the most important ones is the appropriate zoning law in a particular area. Capacity building should also be assessed to ensure that it can accommodate a restaurant. Planning should take into account that the restaurant could grow as it builds a name for itself. Bathroom facilities should also be inspected to ensure customer convenience. Other factors that will influence the choice of location include:

o Parking – no one wants to go anywhere and find it difficult to park their car. When choosing a restaurant place ample parking should be among the top priorities. Not all buildings have their own parking lots, but it should at least be public parking near the building. Another option is to rent parking spaces for customers of the restaurant. Parking should be safe and also ensure

o Population -. No business can survive without customers to support it. This is especially true of restaurants, some of which have been known to break in the first months of operation. It is best to choose a place for a short driving or walking distance to the home or apartment buildings or busy business districts

o Site Popularity -. It is important that your restaurant to be located in a well known area that is easily accessible. This is particularly useful for the delivery of business you must deal with as well. When promoting the restaurant, the ability of a region that is well known can only be a plus for the company. The restaurant should be easy to find, especially for new customers who may not be familiar with the area.

Although customer comfort is leading the organization of virtually any type of business is added aspects of the restaurant. The location must be clean, both inside and outside. The size of the house will easily facilitate the harsh practices that go into keeping a spotless restaurant.

Before the restaurant can be set up, building must meet all applicable safety and health laws. Once the location is selected, all other aspects of setting up the restaurant will most likely fall into place. Sure when you make an effort to make customers happy, it will be obvious. Diners will only be too happy to come to the restaurant that considers customer convenience as a priority.


The advantages of working in the hospitality sector Part 1


Here is a brief overview of the benefits of working in this industry and why it is also a difficult place to work. Firstly, a large range of functions available in this industry is significant. The main role that most people are aware of are things like Pub and Restaurant managers, receptionists, chefs, catering managers, Restaurant staff and various assistant roles. You can specialize in areas that interest you most. For example, anyone who becomes a chef is very likely to be very passionate about food, baking and cooking. For many Chefs truly love what they do and are grateful to be working in an industry they love. A Chef has the opportunity to bring their passion and new ideas to life and see the results.

Another advantage of the hospitality sector is that there are plenty of entry level positions available. This junior role, candidates with relevant experience that is important to a career in the industry. Some of these functions are working as restaurant assistants, junior chefs, receptionists, bar staff and hotel catering. These roles offer the possibility to progress in management if you work hard and show that you have the necessary skills and experience to take more responsibility. Moreover, if you decide to try a new role is an excellent transferable skills that can be used across several different job roles in the hospitality industry.

A slight disadvantage of working in the hospitality industry is that there is intense competition for more senior roles. You need to establish a positive reputation within the industry and put in a lot of work to get the respect and experience needed to take on senior roles.

Employees working in this industry will also have to be willing to work fairly long hours in some roles to prove himself. For example Chefs and restaurant managers have to work long and sometimes unsociable hours.

Another advantage of working in the hospitality sector is that jobs are available throughout the country and they are not area specific. Obviously there is a huge amount of attractive jobs available in London, but there are hotels, restaurants and pubs all over the country. Therefore, unless your work in the hospitality industry in London then you will not have to move to get the job you want.


The Importance Restaurant tables and chairs in the food industry


serve quality food and prepare delicious and unique recipes have always been important for food. People will never forget the place where they had been provided tasty food, even if they visited it once in their life. However, it is not true that only the quality and taste of the food makes the restaurant ends and could be the performance of the food.

Now, fashion and style has been injected in each and every field of life and food companies are not an exception in this regard. People not only want, but expect to be served in a chic atmosphere with style and luxury available in all assets. For example, customers expect to be served in the chic furnishings and provide a luxurious restaurant tables and chairs. They also want a restaurant where they find well-groomed and beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the factor of being chic and fashionable, there is one important fact and it is a comfort that you need for your customers. Dining tables and chairs are responsible more for the comfort level of your place. Customers value the traditional restaurant or from the appearance of its furniture. If a restaurant is using a cheap kind of furniture, people will take their food cheap and low quality. Restaurant furniture plays an important role in food. Each and every customer will use the furniture or at least see it. Those who come to get food package and take away with them also wait for a seat in the dining room phone. Those who come with the intention of dinning also used to sit on restaurant tables and chairs.

It is true that you need to choose a design for tables and chairs as internal rates and quality as the budget. However, one thing you can mange in any situation and that is the beauty and comfort of the furniture you are going to buy. By examining a little today would be helpful for you before deciding on a specific design or rate.


Advantages of the computers in the food and beverage Industry


Computers have revolutionized the food industry as they have almost every other industry. Computers have had a positive, measurable impact on the front part and the back end of the operation of hospitality. Computer systems have improved employee performance and food and beverage quality and consistency. Within the food industry there is no longer a question of technology should be used, but the question of which technology to use? In the food and beverage company, computers are here to stay.

in the hospitality industry, customer service is an absolute critical factor for success. Computers are helping in this area in several ways. In many restaurants, the wait staff can process various kinds of payment Best tables, enabling the callers to leave directly from their table without having to stop at a central base station. This has removed the long unsightly lines that annoy customers, and disrupt the flow of traffic in food and beverage company. This service is made possible with either a small hand held computers that handle credit card transactions with wireless technology, or through remote point of sale system that works with a central computer system. This improves the customer experience, which should be the goal of all food service businesses.

A key management concern of all food and beverage company’s profit margin. In this important field of business, computers have also proven to be an indispensable tool. Computer systems help manage the entire food service process from ordering the materials needed to produce the menu items, to predict the amount of things to prepare for each dining period based on historical patterns. This helps to reduce wasted food, which is very expensive and comes out of corporate profits. It also helps in preparing menu items available, which reduces customer wait time. Computers can also predict with high accuracy the expected volume of business that allows managers to properly staff their business. This is important because having too much staff on hand can consume unnecessary amount of payroll and did not have enough staff on hand will cause service problems.

Computers are also used in very innovative ways of some food and drink companies. For example, Darden Restaurants, which operates Red Lobster and Olive Garden chains uses computers to help choose the new building sites. This computer system uses software called Darden Site Analyzer. The software collects important information you need to choose a site, such as demographics, distance to restaurants and other customers associated DARDEN business model. The program then analyzes the site and provides a series of reports to help Darden make a final decision. Darden plans to improve the software so that it can assess it as if new DARDEN restaurant will negatively affect other Darden Restaurants in the same area.

Computer systems have become an essential part of all aspects of the food and beverage industry, they help with purchasing decisions, inventory, employee scheduling, and training, and customer acquisition and retention. A leading indicator of this growing trend is the fact that many programs are now training hospitality computers and technology courses in the curriculum.

Every year the entrepreneur is to create a more unique ways in which technology can be used to increase the overall commercial heaven experience. Computers do out of home dining pleasurable experience for consumers and profitable manageable experienced business managers and owners.

(c) 2006 Marcus Barber


What are the benefits of Restaurant Franchise Investments


The restaurant industry as a whole is one of the hardest things to get into. Although the failure rate is high, it is not so much the industry as it is the people who are investing in it. Many think it will be fun and delve into their own restaurant without doing the proper research or having the proper knowledge. It would not matter what industry they were going, they would not. Due to the competitive market, franchises are some of the safest bets in the economic market today. Here are a few benefits of restaurant franchise operations

Brand Recognition -. Because money is so tight for so many people these days, people want to know what they are getting for their dollar. Someone is likely to go to McDonalds for a hamburger than they would Joes Burger Shack simply because they know the product. Do not ever underestimate name recognition in this niche

Advertising -. But it is up to the individual owners to do their own local advertising, restaurant franchises benefit from national advertising is done by major companies. This will continue to keep the brand in focus and may be responsible for people getting off of the couch his or stopped on the way home from work

a better chance of success -. Franchises are a whole lot better than mom and pop style restaurants. The amount of research that goes into the settlement of the place is overwhelming and companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Outback and Houlihan’s to spend more money to do demographic studies than most people have in its budget. They want to make sure that the location will be effective before it always opens its doors

Training -. When Mom and Pop restaurant is open, all the training and knowledge is the sole responsibility of the owner. When opening the franchise owner will more than likely have had to work at the restaurant for at least one year and receive training on all aspects of the business from corporate trainers. This education will be invaluable to the success of the restaurant

Funding -. Get a loan is never an easy process, but when opening a franchise, it is much less difficult. The banks will generally be safer to go with a proven model. It may also be possible to borrow directly from the restaurant company itself. In many cases, they will put up some investment money and raise the franchise fee and growth. There are plenty of options to pursue

Product Control -. A normal restaurant will be set up all contracts with suppliers and if the owner does not know what they are doing, this can be a huge area losses they will get all they can out of any given option. Most franchises have approved suppliers that can be bought off by the prices are more or less agreed upon already. Everyone is paying the same as the company monitors quality control. This is a huge load off the shoulders of the owners.

Restaurant get a very bad rap in the business, but this is more because people who open them have no idea what the industry really is. The amount of work it takes to open and run a successful restaurant is pretty important. Open franchise will give you more training and proven model of success to help you succeed in an industry where people do not.


Restaurant Business Plan – Focus on Financials


The Financial Analysis part of the hospitality program consists of pro forma (projected) financial statements for the company. Before creating these statements, consideration shall be paid to the three basic concepts:


Probably the most relevant part of Financial Analysis section, a statement of how much capital the restaurant will have to start the project. The trouble is that too conservative of a projection will leave you with an investment amount that is either unattainable or too large (creating excessive interest), but overly conservative projection will leave you vulnerable to running out of funds during start-up activities.

In assessing the cost of capital expenditure, it is best to err on the high side. The attempt to create a comprehensive list of all capital expenditures that your restaurant will need even before it opens its doors. Go beyond the brick and mortar of the place and decoration, furniture, tabletop items, trays, and kitchen equipment. There are also software – restaurants generally use a POS (point of sale) software and software online, such transfer, credit card processing, and accounting. A rule-of-thumb is to include any single purchase is expected to serve at the restaurant for years. Build a buffer for unforeseen expenses, such as running out of money at this stage and try to secure another source of funding can be detrimental to the launch and long-term company.

operating costs and revenues

Operating primarily cogs (cost of goods sold) and labor costs for the restaurant. These costs can be determined accurately by surprise action begins because they aggregate the sum of how much it costs to produce the food you’re cooking and how much you have to pay staff. The problem, however, arises when media traffic to your restaurant will see the day to day and the average purchase per customer. Try to be as realistic as possible and take into account the type of customer you are trying to attract, what geographic area you are working in, and foot-traffic institution expected.

Cash Flow

The cash flow is the most important statement for operating the restaurant opens. When payments need to be made and the projection of future revenue transactions are key to generate reliable plans. While it may be necessary for other industries, restaurants often create unofficial worksheet tasks and monitors weekly movements of cash. This is primarily because the restaurants have many moving parts such as payroll, sales tax and delivery of products that can create fluctuations from week to week. For example, to reach the lowest price from suppliers, you can try to buy in larger quantities, which can put a strain on cash during the week as this large purchases fall, although they might represent equipment that will serve for weeks or months . Thus, the cash buffer is very useful to be protected from contraction for even a profitable restaurant.


Catering Trends


What is “in” in the World of Catering?

In a world where history repeats itself, everything old is brand new again, and fashion today is old tomorrow, how do we really hold up? Well, this is the difference in the catering industry and the restaurant industry. The restaurant industry can be without any changes and caterers could not. Caterers will always have the flair and style while doing it on a grand scale. In this article, we are going to see the latest developments in the world catering to the crave Catering seen.

To begin with, the vision of the customer is always the top consideration for any caterer. Often times, they are given certain parameters to follow and implement their plans. This is why the possibility of any caterer are endless. But what is really new and exciting in the catering industry? What should you look forward to the upcoming event? Read on and know what should excite you.

1. Food

Everything old is brand new again because classic familiar meat is making a big comeback! In fact, a very popular way to present these classic courses through delectable menu with several small courses to give leaner, cleaner look, paired with wines suitable for the course. Also gone and pulled off the table, they are mini-mini desserts and bite-sized champagne. Ethnic foods such as Dim Sum and East Indian are becoming more and more traditional, shifting from the merger of creation and are gradually incorporating itself nicely with trendy theme cate rings. Also on the rise in the catering industry are mixed cultural wedding, request a combination of two types of cuisine that features elements of two cultures with spectacular effect. Crave Catering Melbourne has catered many such events and find the excitement created by the menu is half the fun.

2. Beverages

live Martini – it simply refuses to die! In fact, it even reinvented itself with different materials, such as champagne, Saki, flavored vodkas, and much more. The mini-bottle of champagne sipped with a straw is decided yet, and the customers are still consume better wines paired with their food. It seems that customers want less, as reflected in the choice of beers today, such as Becks, Stella Artois, Corona, Heineken and Sol. Do not ever forget irresistible summer blender drinks, that will always be in style! Crave Catering has some feeling new drink available on the website (see below).

3. Presentation and Decor

If the pictures are worth a thousand words, the promotional value of all especially for caterers. You can have the most delicious food in the world; However, if it is not presented with style and flair, the appeal can be lost in no time. With these assumptions, all event you planned for a long time hinges. Developments in the presentation and decor is really veering sharply toward the lean, clean look. Forget the old days many draped linens! As a matter of fact, more and more events beginning to linen-free. See photo gallery of our website. So to recap – Events these days are getting back to the old and the main avenues with cleaner presentation, bigger taste of small plates, high-quality wines to compliment the food, ambient lighting and clean decor lines to enhance the entire event experience